Rush Unveil Limited Edition Logo for Every Child Matters Night

Apr 2, 2024

Audrey Armstrong, local Indigenous artists takes us through the design process of the limited edition Rush logo that will be featured on apperal and jerseys on April 13th. 

"The Rush logo that depicts a buffalo head has been transformed into my style of art.  I typically have a bright bold colorful type of art that is reminiscent of my art muse, Norval Morrisseau who is Woodland Cree, so I had to really reign it in to keep the color scheme of the Rush.  The following is my descriptions of how and why I enhanced the logo with my artwork in my style in the way that I did with the teachings that I have gained over the years from different knowledge keepers in my own life as a Nehiyaw-skwew(Cree Woman)."


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About the Artist: 



Audrey Armstrong has roots in both the Thunderchild and Mosquito First Nation communities.  She is a registered band member of Thunderchild First Nation and was born in Saskatoon,Sk in 1982.  Audrey spent the majority of her life growing up in the North Battleford area and moved to Saskatoon in 2009 to pursue her degree in Social Work.  Audrey has spent her career working in the core neighborhood of Saskatoon and volunteers her spare time in multiple different ways. Audrey is a mother to 3 sons and raised them as a single parent. 


Audrey's biggest art influence is Norval Morrisseau who passed away in 2007.  Audrey didn't start painting until later in her life after taking an Indian Art History class in university which piqued her interest in painting - despite never picking up a paint brush previously.  Audrey created her first painting in 2012 and hasn't looked back.  


Audrey describes painting as being 'connected to my spirit and my ancestors, it's an indescribable feeling.  The painting just happens, there's no plan, I just see it in my mind or feel it in my spirit and I just start painting.'   


Audrey has a social work background and a degree from the First Nations University of Canada and a Mental Health and Addictions Masters Certificate from Dalhousie University and currently lives in Saskatoon.  


You can see more work by Audrey on her Facebook page: 

Audrey Armstrong Soul Spirit Creations 



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