"We knew what this group was capable of" Bobby Kidd III looks back on the season

May 10, 2024

After his third season in the National Lacrosse League, Bobby Kidd III is ready to take the Saskatchewan Rush to the next level. 


The 25-year-old defender, born in Pensacola, Florida, took another massive step forward as he took on a larger defensive role on a group that lost the likes of Kyle Rubisch and Ryan Dilks in the offseason. 


“I feel the whole season we knew what this group was capable of, but we never fully acted on it. I would say after the Philly trip, we became a pretty close group, and it showed on the floor,” said Bobby Kidd III.


While the change wasn’t instant, having Derek Keenan step back on to the bench in a co-head coaching role was a huge turning point in settling down a defence that allowed 60 goals through the first five games of the season. 


“It’s unreal having that direction from him. The way he gives directions, he doesn’t just yell it out, he knows how to tell guys what to do and how to do it,” mentioned BK3. 


As for defenders who stuck out to Bobby, Isaac Ngyou and Jake Boudreau were the first two names that come to mind. 


But with expectations growing as the playoff drought extended to three seasons, Kidd III said the expectation for himself also needs to be higher heading into the summer. 


“Athletically, being in the gym more consistently this winter helped a ton, so I definitely want to get stronger, and I’d say lacrosse wise, just gaining more confidence will help a ton,” Bobby Kidd III commented. 


After living locally for the last two seasons, Saskatoon has become a second home for Kidd III, who grew up in British Columbia, but dreams of bringing a fourth championship to the Rush organization. 


“That atmosphere in our arena, it’s unreal. It gives us an advantage that everyone knows about, so if it’s like that all the time it’s amazing for everybody. But we need to get to the playoffs and experience that at home.”

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